Project Information

Augmenting Andriessen

Disclaimer: This project is owned by Orb Amsterdam and not by me. I only worked on this with them.

This is an application that I worked on during my internship with Orb Amsterdam. It was the second project that I got to do and the team and I build it from scratch, with help from the client and the other parties involved. I was still busy with Go Veluwe so I didn't do much on this programming wise.

I did full time programming during my internship, but I also learned alot about making an application, placing/scaling the User Interface and working with Augmented reality. For example Vuforia and ARKit/ARCore/ARFoundation.

For this project, I won't show any code, since I didn't do much that is worthy. I did do a lot of User Interface implementation and making sure everything looked great and testing.

Orb Amsterdam

Augmenting Andriessen is an application made for a festival in honor of Louis Andriessen. You can find the application in the Play Store and App Store. In the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam are dedicated tablets with the app installed.

Play Store

App Store


Start screen

You get some information and a choice as to which experience you want to do.

Experience 1

Like the start screen you get a bit of information and then you can


You get to answer the question and if it is right then you get a voucher that shows that you completed that point.