Project Information

Save The Trees

This game is a world building simulation with consequences, those consequences could be found in nature and the environment you were building in. If the environment were to go bad, because you build too many buildings, you would get natural disasters or bad harvests, making stuff difficult for you.

This project was a school project where I first started Designing UI. I also programmed the UI, made some particles and I made the music.

My first and foremost task was to make a UI that would be helpful and not to intruding on the players view, because it had to contain a lot of information.

Click on one of the 2 buttons below to listen to the music I made.

Warning: Volume might be loud!

Song 1

Song 2


This is the UI that I made, with almost every window open. You can open and close the "Eventlog" as I like to call it. You can also open other tabs with buildings on the other buttons, currently the "Town" button is selected.

This is when the game is paused and in settings.

This is a bit of an in-game view, I placed a few buildings to make it look like someone built a bit.


Here are some particles, that I have made. I also made the textures for the particles myself.

This happens when you build a building so it covers it when it erects from the ground.

This is the fire particle, you will see that when there is a forest fire or a house on fire.

This particle is used when a building collapses. It is made after a little dust explosion


The complete UIManager that I made, since the rest of my code was affected by others and not longer my own.

The UIManager is like a central point, so everything that has to do with it, has to go through it.

Click the button to see my code snippets in Git Gist!

Git gist