About me

No circle

My name is Arne van Ommen

I am 22 years old and from the Netherlands.

I have found a passion in programming and have been programming for 5 years now. Mainly C# Unity.

I like making anything that requires programming, but have found that I can use a lot more creativity in game development.

I am eager to learn things, but am very interested in learning more about the following:

  • UI programming
  • Gameplay programming
  • Game tools programming


In these past years I have used these programs/languages/platforms the most and have the most extensive knowledge about these.

I have worked on VR, AR, iOS, Android and Windows applications before and would be happy to work on any platform.

  • Unity – 5 years
  • C# – 4 years
  • Git – 4 years

Free time

I try to broaden my horizons in my free time and try learning extra things to increase my knowledge of the following subjects:

  • Software programming
  • Shaders (Unity)
  • VFX (Unity)
  • Unreal Engine
  • Blender
  • Creative coding (python using processing)